Check it out, Fashion Boundary featured on British magazine, Tatler published by Condé Nast Publications. Featuring our Classic Trench Coat from our capsule collection Pure Mirror. We are excited to be listed on Tatler Shops Fashion & Accessories list amongst an array of beautiful brands from around the world.



It was a pleasure to be apart of Flanelle's Wander Edition. Check out the interview with Fashion Boundary's founder as she talks all things sustainable fashion, the future of fashion and of course, our recent collection and what's next for Fashion Boundary.

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Fashion Boundary was recently featured on Fashion Gone Rogue, your one-stop place for all things fashion, beauty and celeb style. Read the full article to discover more about Fashion Boundary's capsule collection Pure Mirror and the inspiration behind the of the launch of Fashion Boundary Label. 

Fashion Boundary was recently featured on British Vogue Reset Issue, launching the Fashion Boundary Label and the Pure Mirror capsule collection with the Oversized Ruffle Flair Cream Shirt. This feature is a milestone for Fashion Boundary as it represents international fashion acclaim for the brand. We thank all who was involved.


Fashion Boundary was recently featured on Moss Magazine, a luxury fashion magazine featuring transparent, sustainable, ethical, conscious labels that are movers and shakers in the fashion industry. We are so happy to be apart of Moss. Read the full article to discover the inspiration behind the brand, the story of our own collection as well as our upcoming project, Fashion Boundary Label.

Fashion Boundary was recently featured on KODD Magazine, launching our latest capsule collection, Pure Mirror. The magazine highlights creatives, brands and companies from the fields of fashion, beauty and lifestyle and we are proud to be apart of it. Read the full article to discover the inspiration behind the collection, who we designed it for and how you can wear the pieces with your current wardrobe.

Fashion Boundary was recently featured on online fashion publication, Fashion Journal. The article spoke of the launch of our capsule collection, Pure Mirror a collaboration with Thou Art, sustainable fashion, Designer Talks and Brand Stories. 'The platform was founded to push independent, ethically-minded labels into the global market, which can often be a near-impossible hurdle for smaller brands and designers'. 

The article lastly urges any designers looking to be featured on Fashion Boundary or retailers interested in stocking Pure Mirror are encouraged to contact 

Read the full article here.

Vogue Australia 2019 December Issue 

We've always been avid readers of Australian Vogue at Fashion Boundary. This upcoming December issue is celebrating 60 Years of Australian Vogue. This collectors edition is a special one for us as Fashion Boundary had an opportunity to announce our new capsule collection, Pure Mirror.

We're so excited to be involved in this issue, even in a very small way as this publication has always been the epitome of style for many of Australian women. 

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