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Fashion Boundary was recently featured on Moss Magazine, a luxury fashion magazine featuring transparent, sustainable, ethical, conscious labels that are movers and shakers in the fashion industry. We are so happy to be apart of Moss. Read the full article to discover the inspiration behind the brand, the story of our own collection as well as our upcoming project, Fashion Boundary Label.


Fashion Boundary was recently featured on KODD Magazine, launching our latest capsule collection, Pure Mirror. The magazine highlights creatives, brands and companies from the fields of fashion, beauty and lifestyle and we are proud to be apart of it. Read the full article to discover the inspiration behind the collection, who we designed it for and how you can wear the pieces with your current wardrobe.

We couldn't be more excited to announce that Fashion Boundary was featured in Real Living Magazine April 2020. We collaborated with stylist, Jessica Hanson who selected this Pumpkin Bag by Kitayama and the Valentina Honey Tort sunglasses by auór to feature in this pastel-inspired editorial. Photographed Dave Wheeler with creative direction by Sandy Dao, this editorial expresses a feminine atmosphere with "shapely furniture, papery finishes and a few fabulous decora chives." We love the addition of the Fashion Boundary pieces which look their part amongst the soft hues of sage, dusty rose, apricot colours.

Fashion Boundary was recently featured on online fashion publication, Fashion Journal. The article spoke of the launch of our capsule collection, Pure Mirror a collaboration with Thou Art, sustainable fashion, Designer Talks and Brand Stories. 'The platform was founded to push independent, ethically-minded labels into the global market, which can often be a near-impossible hurdle for smaller brands and designers'. 

The article lastly urges any designers looking to be featured on Fashion Boundary or retailers interested in stocking Pure Mirror are encouraged to contact 

Read the full article here.

Fashion Boundary was recently featured on online Korean magazine, 10 Magazine. An interview with Fashion Boundary Founder spoke of sustainable fashion, designer brand stories and co-designing our own capsule collection. 

Read the full interview here

Australia is in a state of emergency. Bushfires continue to burn out of control. Our heart breaks as we watch this beautiful country to become engulfed, especially in NSW & Victoria.

6 million hectares of land have been burned, double that of the Amazon rainforest fires. 18 people have lost their lives. 500 million animals have died. @fashion_boundary will donate 10% of each sale for the whole month of January to the Australian @redcrossau to support the residents, animals, and bush fire services crew who need our help. 

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Vogue Australia 2019 December Issue 

We've always been avid readers of Australian Vogue at Fashion Boundary. This upcoming December issue is celebrating 60 Years of Australian Vogue. This collectors edition is a special one for us as Fashion Boundary had an opportunity to announce our new capsule collection, Pure Mirror.

We're so excited to be involved in this issue, even in a very small way as this publication has always been the epitome of style for many of Australian women. 

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