Our Beginnings

Founded in 2018, Fashion Boundary started as an online concept store. Celebrating and supporting 70+ emerging designer brands, independent labels, and industry favourites worldwide, we posed as a one-stop shop for all fashion needs.

Our Metamorphosis

Like a bud finding its way into a flower, Fashion Boundary also blossomed during our re-establishment. In 2021, we transitioned to become our own brand. By launching our own collections, taking more creative liberty, we started to place an even higher importance on unique design and essentials for the wardrobe of modern women.

Our Inspiration

Nature, art, architecture, the beauties of the world. Exploring the world through photography, history, and interiors, seeing beauty in all aspects of the world is pivotal to our label. Our philosophy advocates for loyalty between the direct relationship of form and fashion, exploring fabric techniques, and intrigue - to sail across the world through each of our pieces.

Our Design

Founded and Directed in Melbourne by an interior designer, our design process is one that includes great minds from all corners of the globe. Utilising the best from each fashion capital, our designers are from New York, Italy, and Melbourne. All coming together, focusing on each of our treasured, unique items. Our garments are of a Scandinavian Style, focusing on modernity, timelessness, and minimalism in each one of our collections. 

Our Production

Located in the fashion hubs of the world, we collaborate with studio houses from New Zealand, to South Korea, to China, sharing our aligned vision of meaningful design. Our small production team allows us to always focus on our philosophy, without compromising on any aspect. Upholding our values of providing quality tailored, comfortable, and innovative garments, our fabrics are produced with a focus on green, whether that be in the production, transport, or design process.