Fashion Boundary was founded in Melbourne in 2018 as an online concept store, celebrating emerging designers and industry favourites which posed as a one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs. Fashion Boundary was re-established in 2021 by launching its own products, placing importance on unique design and essentials for the wardrobe of modern women. 

Fashion Boundary pieces have a timeless design as each new collection do not follow trends, yet cater to women to wear and re-wear their favourite items throughout fashion seasons. Fashion Boundary’s first capsule collection has a neutral colour scheme and had the aim of being worn with other wardrobe favourites that can be styled for all occasions. Our newest upcoming collection offers something for everyone, feminine dresses paired with tailored coats and suits.

Our pieces are made to last as they are made to last as we insist on using high-quality, environmentally friendly fabrics and do not follow trends. We know the desires of our customers who are looking for affordability, quality and attention to the fit and style in their clothing and our aim is to meet those needs. We hope that every design can show our attitude towards fashion, concern for the environment, and observation of social culture.