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This is a large umbrella crafted from a flexible, water and wind-resistant material. The carbon brazed ribs halve the size of the umbrella body and double the flexibility. Comes with a protective sleeve.

Why we love it
We love the gorgeous colour of this umbrella, along with the large size of it when it is fully open. A rainy day never looked so bright.

What's the story
The degree of protection of this umbrella is greater than 50, which effectively isolates 99% of ultraviolet rays, meeting the dual-use standards of sunny and rainy days.

Pure Black

Open diameter: 98cm 
Open height: 62cm 
Storage diameter: 4.5cm 
Storage height: 28.5cm 
Weight: 0.25kg 

Care instructions

  • The product adopts nano-super-hydrophobic technology, and the umbrella surface is specially treated by nanotechnology. There will be occasional small water droplets adhering to the umbrella crease, which will not affect the normal use.
  • The umbrella surface should not be contacted with oil, alcohol, detergent and other chemical reagents. The above will damage the nano-coating, resulting in a poor waterproof effect.