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This is a rounded wooded music box, crafted from German Beechwood. The music box works by the Japanese Sankyo movement which allows for the mechanical music box to work without a battery. 

The music box makes a squeaking sound during playback. It is not a quality problem but is caused by the track itself. When the one-pin wave sound is still beautiful and the second pin is toggled, it will produce a strange sound.

Why we love it
We love the design of this music box, beautifully made with German beechwood and designed by the Japanese Sankyo movement which is incredible as it doesn't need a battery. Perfect as a baby shower gift.

What's the story
This music box has been polished by hand and permeated and maintained by natural environmental wood wax oil more than two times. The German beechwood used is PEFC certification of the International Forest Organization, and planned mining and planting.

German Beechwood

Sizes: H6.5cm, L16cm, D3.8cm 
Weight: 0.4KG

Care instructions

  • Wood products should avoid direct sunlight, prolonged exposure to the wood can easily deform and crack
  • Avoid wet places
  • The music box needs to rotate the movement frequently, and it will affect the movement if it is not used for a long time.

Movement type
Japanese Sankyo movement


iF Product Design Award 2015