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Work From Home

As we are all very aware, no matter where you reside, the world is going through a crisis. It can be hard to understand what is happening with COVID 19 and how to navigate what it means in terms of our health, our work and being in close proximity with friends and family.

We wake up to read the news of new cases of the coronavirus in our country and more deaths in another. We go to sleep uncertain and stressed. The headlines are overwhelming, confusing and ambiguous. This is an unusual time for everyone and it’s hard to know how to feel.

With these stresses come unique strains, such as school closures, heightened worries of older relatives, social-distancing rules and like the Fashion Boundary office, many workplaces in Australia are working out working-from-home methods.

We would like to share some ways we have been coping working from home. We also understand that working from home is a luxury and not everyone has the means to or have the job that can be done from home.

Keep a routine.
Get up at the same time you usually would. It’s easy to sneak an extra hour of sleep into your day if you’re skipping the transit time, however, we find that this can creep into work time. Even getting fully dressed and popping a bit of makeup can make you feel more awake and put together and likely to get you into a productive mood (this will also set you up for those last-minute Skype meetings).

We also suggest clocking off when your normal day would finish. Close your laptop and try not to look at emails! It’s so easy to continue working well into the evening if you don’t have to leave the ‘workspace’. Lastly, try and get to bed at a reasonable hour, which brings us to our next tip.

Safeguard your sleep.
Sleep is often one of the first things that gets thrown out the door in stressful times, especially if your workspace is acting as your home space. However, ensuring you’re getting enough sleep will keep your immune system high and your work performance on track.

Keep in contact.
If you’re isolating at home and you live by yourself it can be easy to feel very alone. It’s important to text your friends, check in with co-workers or Facetime your family to make sure you stay connected. This will be better for your mental health and keep you sane while you weather the storm. 

Keep moving.
As the gyms are closed and exercise classes are cancelled, it can be easy to take a break from working out. However, keeping moving will make you feel better, especially if you’re stuck at home and feeling sluggish. We would suggest trying some YouTube exercise classes, or better yet - taking a walk around the block!  

Try something new.
If there’s one benefit from having to stay at home, it’s more time to do things you don’t usually have time for. Seize the opportunity to try something new such as an arts and crafts project, or a new book, new recipes or decluttering your home.

We hope everyone is feeling safe and healthy, don’t forget - we’re in this together, alone.