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Why co-working office

Why we choose to work in a co-working office 

As a business member, Fashion Boundary currently resides in Melbourne Rialto’s co-working office, Spaces, and we couldn’t be happier. We’re still a small business, so there is a financial benefit of working in a co-working space however there is a list of reasons why working at Spaces is beneficial to our young business.

The Vibe

We’re constantly inspired.

What we love most about working amongst an array of interesting, different and up-and-coming companies is that we’re constantly inspired and motivated. There is a buzz and excitement in our office as we’re surrounded by people from different industries who expose us to all different kinds of ideas and projects. A co-working space can also spark new and fresh ideas rather than the same old stale office desk of your normal 9-5.

We love that you’re able to mingle with other start-ups and entrepreneurs yet we’re still able to tuck ourselves away and get work done. Working amidst people doing different kinds of work can also make one’s own work identity stronger and allow us to thrive in our own field rather than feel compelled to compete. 

According to a study featured on Office Vibe, a co-working office environment made 64% of entrepreneurs more productive, 68% of entrepreneurs more focused, and 90% of entrepreneurs more confident.

Networking & Community

With the communal open kitchen whilst making our morning coffees we come across so many like-minded and different individuals. Networking, sharing information and knowledge with fellow co-workers is just a few of the benefits of a co-working space. At Spaces Rialto, we have also been invited to presentations and events of other entrepreneurs to see what they’re working on and how they are changing the world.

The Location

A great coworking office is not only an ‘office utilities’, but also it’s about a place for ‘communication’ and ‘discussion’. At Spaces Rialto we’re in the heart of Melbourne, which makes it easy for us to dash out to meetings and give a central location for local designers and brands to meet us. The premium base build also allowed us to take advantage of the podium which provided various restaurants and cafes outside of coworking office, and we can have meetings in a casual way. 

Workplace design

When we were looking for a co-working office it was important that it was a space that was more than just an office. We were looking for a place to empower us and let us ‘be ourselves’.

We love the functional, contemporary and bespoke workplace fit out of Spaces Rialto. The space encourages our creativity and productivity of the team. The design fits all our needs, you can sit anywhere to get work done whether that be a call or video conference with our global designers in a private phone room or relaxing on a couch to work on social media or we can have a catch up with our small team on one of the large desks.

The co-working office design provided flexible options from casual hot desks, dedicated desks to private offices. As a startup, this makes our life easier at the beginning so we don’t need to worry about lease, fit-out, furniture procurement, stationary etc, we can 100%  focus on our goals and to achieve bigger dreams with administration support. 

Cultural Fit

Fashion Boundary is currently the only Fashion/Tech e-commerce retailer at Spaces Rialto. Because of this we don’t feel the same pressure that we may feel if we were in a large company. Our small team can feel supported by one another and can decide the pace of the business. What’s interesting about being different to other people and companies is that the office space feels unique and energetic and different everyday - which is a great environment to work in. 

We’re surrounded by tech start-ups and tech specialists which is a great opportunity for us to be supported for our tech side.  

At Spaces Rialto, it is the norm to help each other out, and there are many opportunities to do so. The variety of workers in the space means that coworkers have unique skill sets that they can provide to other community members.

Global business

Fashion Boundary is a global fashion/tech B2C retailer. A global co-working space would help us be more accessible to our international designers and investors we work with.  


We are a young business who want to work efficiently and also to have fun and work and our workplace makes that possible. We are truly happy in our co-working space. Thank you Spaces Rialto for having us.