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Q&A: YANXUE - Yanxue

Why did you want to create a brand with your name? What special things drive you to create YANXUE?

Regarding my reasons for my career planning and branding, I don't think the choice to use my name is unusual. At a very young age, I decided to do a career related to painting.

In elementary school I wanted to be a cartoonist. When I was in junior high school, my art teacher discovered me and recommended me to attend a professional art high school. During my high school studies, I found that I was more fascinated by fashion, industrial design, modern art. I saw exhibitions everywhere, and it was my interest to buy fashion magazines and albums from all over the world. 

During my college years, I was studying industrial design. In 2000 in China, the related design industry was not very developed. So after graduation, I could only work in other professions. I was not busy and I was able to learn jewellery, accessories, and bag design by myself. To create my own brand “YANXUE as pure as this” is the original intention of my brand.

What kind of setbacks have you experienced in creating a brand?

I think that frustration comes from the development and processing stage. It is risky to make different designs. It is very difficult to develop and experiment with unconventional materials. Processing and production are even more difficult. 

Where does the inspiration for your jewellery design come from?

My designs are inspired by the little things that come into contact with life, everything that the eyes see, and I am committed to turning these inspirations into a piece of modern art that can be worn.

How many series does your brand produce each year? Do you challenge different design concepts?

Now we will launch 5-6 small series in one year. Each time I use different inspirations and different design concepts. I hope that the birth of each series is work I am proud of, and the design becomes even purer.

Is your jewellery design associated with your Chinese tradition?

I think there is some inner qualities that run through each design, such as introversion, not arrogance.

What role does art play in your life?

Learn and pursue things all your life.

What is your dream when were you’re child?

My dream in my childhood was to become a cartoonist.

How do you describe the current status of the fashion industry?

We are in a very special period of the world. New communication technologies are applied to life. People have access to information and similar content. It seems to be prosperous but it is empty. Behind the many uncertainties, I think what we can do is to ensure that each series is born, the design is pure and the products are refined, so that it should change.

What is your plan for the future of YANXUE brand?

“YANXUE as pure as this” will be a pure designer brand and will not be affected by the market.

What do you think about the pollution of the fashion industry to the earth? What do you think of sustainable fashion?

When I developed 19AW, I went to every step of production to see the details. I did find that the development and production of some materials would cause pollution. I have decided to try my best not to use particular materials in my future series.