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How to beat social distancing

How to beat social distancing.
Ways to socialise from home.

We’ve all been getting used to working from home and staying inside during the COVID-19 pandemic period. For some of you, this time might be for catching up on Netflix shows and books you’ve been meaning to consume. For some, it’s trying to manage kids at home, homework, activities all while trying to get your own work done. And for some, you might be grappling with the fact that you no longer have a job and the future has been seemed so uncertain.

For everyone, this time can be stressful, the uncertainty of the future is scary. Right now It’s even more important to stay connected, to beat loneliness and anxiety. Here are some ideas to help you and your friends stay connected.  

Virtual drinks
You’ve probably already done this one but whether it’s with family, friends or coworkers, a cheeky 6 o’clock wine will increase your mood and surely will make you put a smile on your face. 

Talk to up to 8 friends on Houseparty. You can lock the chat with a set number of friends, or leave it open for others to drop in. A great way to video chat with a big group, there are also games such as Heads Up, Trivia, and Cards Against Humanity you can play within the app.

Watch a movie together

Sick of face timing and still want to chat? Another idea to connect is to watch a film with a friend. Start watching at the exact same time and talk about it throughout the film.

Online fitness classes
There are plenty of fitness classes online and even trainers live streaming their workouts for people to follow at the same time. If you are signed up with a gym, check if they have online classes on their website. Many gyms are going virtual to keep their members moving.

Online games
Remember Words With Friends? This is the time to whip it out again. Playing games online with your mates is a great way to stay connected especially when you’ve already had your virtual drinks and know all the goss. Our favourites are UNO, online chess and Black Humanity - Against Cards.

Staying at home also gives you plenty of time to do things that you wouldn’t otherwise have time to do. What better time to spend your free time doing things you’ve always wanted to. Here are some home activities you can do that isn’t work yet still feel productive

Improve cooking skills
We’ve got the cookbooks, we’ve watched the shows but do you actually take the time to try out new recipes? If you don’t, now is the perfect time.

Tidy up wardrobe
It’s something that you stare at every day, stuff clothes in draws and forget to hang things up. I’m sure your rotation of clothes has diminished into your comfiest items. Now is the time to really do a big tidy and clear out.

Learn a language
One of our favourite apps is an oldie but a goodie. Duolingo is an easy way to start to pick up the basics of a wide variety of languages. Treat it like a game try to do and do a lesson every day.

Make a TikTok
Fastly becoming one of the most popular apps for teenagers today. Tiktok is an addictive app that will you get you, dancing or lipsyncing for hours. Bored at home? A great way to waste an afternoon.

Online Shop
If you’re in the position to spend more on just the essentials, a great way to help others during this time is to support local businesses. Whether that be your local grocer is taking online orders or shopping online from independent creatives, each order will help their business tremendously.