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Fashion Boundary 1st birthday

In celebration of our one year anniversary, we would like to go down memory lane to look back on a very eventful year. Take a read to discover the story of Fashion Boundary’s beginnings and what it took to get us where we are today.

October 2018

Fashion Boundary was established in Melbourne in October 2018. Fashion Boundary was born out of a dream. After 10 years working in the corporate world, in architectural firms across New Zealand, China and Australia, founder Crissy wanted something new, something of her own and something she was proud of. She started the business with a laptop, a mobile phone and balancing her newborn baby on her hip. From that day on she realised it was possible to turn a dream into a reality.

June 2019

Fashion Boundary officially set sail this month last year and is stationed in Spacesworks, a co-working space in Melbourne. We began with a small team with a big dream. As always, with starting a new business, comes with a lot of trial and error as well as figuring out as we went along. This included making connections with others in the industry, forming relationships with potential brands and constantly learning job roles.

July 2019

Fashion Boundary officially set sail this month last year and is stationed in Throughout the middle of 2019, we had well and truly got our featured brands up and running on our website, however we began to think how great it would be if our customers had a better understanding of who their buying from. We believe for customers to truly respect their garments, they should discover more about the brand and how it was made. That’s why we launched our Brand Stories series and our Designer Talks in July of 2019. 

Continuing further on developing our website, we started a Journal, to discuss ideas, share tips and collate our favourite fashion pieces.

September 2019

In September of 2019, Fashion Boundary became a sponsor for the New Zealand Fashion Week. We donated 1,000 pairs of designer socks to be featured in attendees goodie bags. It was exciting to hear people share with each other which type of sock design they received as well seeing people’s social media posts featuring their new socks.

October 2019

By October we had hit the milestone of 20 brands and designers featured on Fashion Boundary. During this time we decided what worked for us regarding working with international brands, our style as well as stocking garments. 

As we continued to build on Fashion Boundary we introduced more and more brands on Fashion Boundary website.   

December 2019

In December of 2019, Fashion Boundary's in-house brand was born, with the launch of our first capsule collection. This collection was released in the Australian Vogue 60th Anniversary Edition. This collection, Pure Mirror was based on the concept of sustainable fashion, with each garment carefully considered regarding production, design and materials.

January 2020

By January of 2020, Fashion Boundary featured up to 50 brands from all over the world. In the same month, we participated in public welfare projects and cooperated with i=change. Using i=change we automatically deduct $1 Australian dollar to support 3 public welfare projects.

February 2020

By February, natural traffic reached 5000-7000 hits per month. Visitors come from all over the world. Our main customers are from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, France and so on.

March 2020

The arrival of the epidemic, fortunately, did not affect us. During this time we have invested our time and experience in developing our own brand. Our team began the development of the Fashion Boundary Label, which we expect to launch in August or September this year.

May 2020

Our sales reached the highest five-digit record in May. This kind of sale performance is not what we expected, not to mention during the pandemic outbreak. Regardless of the number, we are proud of what we have achieved and gracious to all of our customers, to have ordered from us.

June 2020

After designing and developing a Mini WeChat program over many months, we finally launched in June of 2020 and we have already received a tremendous amount of feedback.

Thank you to those who have stood by us from the beginning and have followed our journey from when it was just a dream. Thank you to those who are discovering Fashion Boundary where it stands today. Every person involved means so much to Fashion Boundary as a business but also to the small group of individuals who make up the Fashion Boundary team.