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colourful socks

It’s already starting to feel warmer. Spring is upon us and we’re here for it. One of our favourite accessories in any weather is socks. As it’s warmer we’re seeing shorter hemlines and bare legs. We love pairing fun socks with sneakers and brogues or if you’re feeling bold, sandals.

colour trends 2020

Only a few short months away until 2020 and we have been so intrigued in what Melbourne, New York and London Fashion Weeks had in store. All we can say is colour! 

A fashionable lady carry designer bag

Blancore is very close to our hearts as it was one of our first five brands to team with us before Fashion Boundary’s offical website launched in March 2019. We were so incredibly proud and happy to see Blancore have their New York Fashion Week debut this season.

A fashionable lady carry designer bag

This year marks Melbourne Fashion Week’s (MFW) 25th anniversary, and as always the program showed off the best new designs, designers and trends coming from Australian labels. 

Monthly Round Up September Fashion Selection

Each month we round up our favourite pieces. For September we’re heading into Spring so we wanted to put together something that encapsulates the introduction of slightly warmer weather put still put together.

New Zealand Fashion Week 2019

Fashion Boundary was one of the contributors to the 2019 New Zealand Fashion Week. We sponsored 800 designer socks to be included in the delegate goodie bags. 

sustainable wardrobe

It’s difficult to dress in a way that does minimal damage to the planet. Sometimes it’s hard to find a sustainable alternative to a favourite product.When it comes to making ethical clothing choices, the best thing we can do is educate ourselves on the clothes we are already wearing and perhaps, items that we should opt to wear. 

A fashionable lady carry designer bag

Each month we round up our favourite pieces. For our first Monthly Pick we wanted to put together something that all of our customers could see themselves wearing as well as present an array of items and variety of brands that Fashion Boundary stock. 

co-working office

Fashion Boundary currently resides in Melbourne Rialto’s co-working offices, Spaces and we couldn’t be happier. We’re still a small business, so there is a financial benefit of working in a co-working space however there is a list of reasons why working at Spaces is beneficial to our young business.

ethical sustainable fashion

It’s not unusual to come across terms such as ‘ethical’, ‘sustainable, and ‘slow’ fashion while shopping these days. You may have even noticed that sometimes, what one company’s definition of ‘ethical’ is quite different to another’s version.