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Fashion Boundary is excited to have partnered with i=change and will be giving back $1 from every sale. Changing the world, one purchase at a time, Fashion Boundary supports FoodbankSave The Children and Adara Development

Foodbank Australia is playing a crucial role in the current unprecedented bushfire crisis which is devastating communities across the country. As a trusted organisation, forming part of the official emergency response, Foodbank is acting as a conduit for the generosity of the food and grocery sector, and the general public who are keen to assist with essential supplies. With the help of your purchase, Foodbank is delivering exactly what is needed, to efficiently and effectively support the relief efforts.

Save The Children
The Save the Children Foundation has been supporting the hundreds of thousands of Australian children have been affected by bushfires. Experiencing a disaster of this nature can have a harrowing long-term impact on a child’s emotional wellbeing. With the help of your purchase, Save the Children is running Child-Friendly Spaces, providing children with a safe place to socialise, play and simply be children again.

In the longer-term, Save will focus on supporting children’s emotional recovery. This is likely to include helping children process and express their emotions, deal with issues they are facing and develop coping mechanisms for the future.

Adara Development
The Adara Group works to end preventable newborn deaths in Uganda by improving the quality and capacity of health systems, working in partnership with local champions of newborn health. Adara is also partnering with PATH and the University of Washington to develop an incredibly simple and affordable device that helps babies breathe when they are born with underdeveloped lungs. Your purchase will support Adara’s work in maternal, newborn and child health.

How It Works
After every sale, our customers get to choose where our donation goes. We look forward to using our business as a force for good - and helping change the world, one purchase at a time.

"I am so proud to partner with i=change and engage our customers in changing the future and saving a life. Each sale is not only an affirmation to one of our featured, independent designers but also an act of making the world a better place." - Crissy, Founder.

We thank all our Fashion Boundary customers in advance. You are changing the world!