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Blancore NYFW

Blancore is very close to our hearts as it was one of our first five brands to team with us before Fashion Boundary’s offical website launched in March 2019. We were so incredibly proud and happy to see Blancore have their New York Fashion Week debut this season. Dubbed as one of the top 12 names to know before anyone else by Elle Magazine we couldn’t be more excited to see this milestone for Blancore. 

Specialising in minimal design contrasted against an element of surprise, Blancore design’s feature bold colours, asymmetric layers and usually involves an oversized feature. Blancore strives to explore the boundary of fashion and reality; interesting, surprising, yet wearable designs.

They presented their new collection inspired by water. “Water can be ubiquitous and ethereal, vanishing without a trace,” Yalan, Creative Director of Blancore, explained. “When becoming mist and cloud, it says: you can reach me, but do not dominate me. When becoming a drop of rain or a vast ocean, it says: you can feel me, but do not define me. When becoming snow and frost, it says: I have more forms beyond your imagination.”As stated in this article from Guild Magazine

The show opened with three dancers in white bodysuits with lighting effects creating a rippling blue pool in the center of the runway. 

Image via Guild Magazine

Blancore believes that water defines the existence of every living thing. The colors of each piece are soft yet bold. Shimmery blues, soft greys and beiges captured the essence of water beautifully with a flow of motion as the models strutted down the runway. 

Images via Fashion Week Online

Marie Claire China publisher Xiaodong Zhang, also in attendance, said of the show “This is a very sophisticated, well-developed collection for such a young brand, I look forward to seeing how they will grow.”As stated in this article from Fashion Week Online.

Images via Fashion Week Online

About their debut in NYFW, Youting, CMO of Blancore, stated: “We chose New York Fashion Week for our debut not only because Blancore was born here, but also because New York is unique in many ways—especially in the way that it embraces all colors of people and all walks of lives in its arms.”

We hope that you’ve all fallen in love with Blancore like we have. Discover their array of items on Fashion Boundary here