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About Us

At Fashion Boundary, we’re forever sick of seeing the same designs mass-produced across websites and online stores. We’re tired of seeing trends come and go and constantly keeping up with ‘what’s in’. That’s why we set up Fashion Boundary to act as an online directory for people who are looking for something new and unique, possibility even something they haven’t seen before. Fashion Boundary is an online fashion retailer founded in 2018 with the mission of being an online space for people who are looking for purchase something special to cherish.

We focus on good quality, interesting, wearable and timeless pieces. We collaborate with designers from all over the globe who dedicate themselves to their trade. Browsing through Fashion Boundary you will find a curated collection of clothing, handbags, shoes and jewellery from a variety of brands who put in everything into what they do. Overall, we advocate slow and stylish fashion.

The labels that are featured on Fashion Boundary are really important to us. We have developed relationships with all of the featured designers and it’s important that they feel support on our platform. We would love for our customers to get to know our featured designers so we decided to interview them to a little insight into their process and daily inspiration. 

When we select designer pieces, we choose beautiful, unique and wearable items that we know our customers will love. We believe that good quality pieces should be cherished and taken care of. A big step in respecting your garments is learning more about the brand you're buying from. By launching our Brand Stories, readers are able to truly get a sense of where their item has come from, what it's made out of and who has crafted it. 

In-House Brand
In 2019 we launched our in-house brand with a capsule collection called ‘Pure Mirror’. Pure Mirror was co-designed with Thou Art. Each future collection will be a collaboration with a different designer or brand from around the world. This label is an on-going project which we and allows us to collaborate with global talented designers to reinterpret and identify a new way of sustainable fashion. 

Fashion Boundary is a registered company in Melbourne, Australia. Registration number ABN 85 629 530 981.