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Established in 2016, X NIHILO is the brainchild of Jenny Hsieh, an entrepreneur with a passion for refined luxury. X NIHILO is a leather goods brand based in Melbourne Australia.

X NIHILO is short for 'ex nihilo', a Latin phrase that means “creation out of nothing”. The notion identifies X NIHILO’S aesthetics and vision to craft a sophisticated and honest range of leather bags for the modern women.


The X NIHILO woman

Targeting women with a strong identity from a generation with the desire to express individuality, X NIHILO consciously distances itself from conspicuous branding. Blending reserved aesthetics with function and timelessness, their bags are inspired by and designed for women of individuality and substance.

Slow fashion

Retaining a consistent and unique signature, X NIHILO evokes the idea of strength, beauty and independence through the exquisite material and astounding craftsmanship. Embracing the slow fashion movement, X NIHILO‘S concept of luxury is embedded in its meticulously curated material, well-considered design, and the highest level of dedication and attention to detail in construction.

Design Inspiration

Every collection the design team draws on inspirations from our lives and people that inspire us. Their next collection, Collection 7 is inspired by travel and journeys. Compact small leather goods that incorporate modern lives seamlessly and refocus to the core of X NIHILO’s principle – functionality and nothing should be there without a purpose.

Each of these small leather goods is named after people who the team have witnessed acts of kindness on our travels. Extending the best sellers in the X NIHILO family completes the new resort look. As well as an everyday tote bag with the launch of the high demand canvas and leather combination.


Design Process

X NIHILO’s design process is largely based on doing trend research. They write a list of what is trending and that would be a list of what to avoid. They then decide on the collection focus.

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