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Story Behind The Collection

Fashion Boundary capsule collection’ is a special collection of our new in-house label established in Melbourne. It’s an on-going project and allows us to collaborate with global talented designers to reinterpret and identify a new way of sustainable fashion.

The mission of this project was to achieve stylish, sustainable, long-lasting and affordable garments for women of all sizes to have in their wardrobe for years. 

Fashion Boundary collaborates with brands who advocate slow, stylish and sustainable fashion as well as independent designers who are doing something unique in the fashion industry. The first capsule was co-designed and developed by Fashion Boundary and Thou Art founder and design director, Jianyu. After he graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York 2016 he returned to his hometown, Chengdu to set up his design studio.

For this collection, we repeatedly focused on draping and layering, capturing the authenticity and purity of the materials Jianyu uses. We found a balance between traditional techniques and modern styles, drawing from nature, architecture, music and film. Our design philosophy advocates loyalty to the direct relationship between form and fashion, exploring fabrics and clothing techniques, drawing inspiration from the natural and social environment.

Capsule Wardrobe 

The idea for creating a ‘capsule’ collection was to create a selection of pieces that would become essentials in your wardrobe. These pieces were designed to become part of your everyday rotation of items you can count on and love. 

The colour scheme across the board features creams, soft greys and tan. These colours work well with a number of current staples such as a favourite pair of blue jeans or a white T-shirt. Each piece has a little Fashion Boundary touch, even if it’s a subtle bow feature or a dramatic ruffle.


Our vision with Jianyu was to create delicate, streamlined pieces, to create high-quality fashion garments for the new generation of independent women. 

Pure Mirror series is largely inspired by the original earthy colour palette of Uluru, the large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia. Rock textures have been reinterpreted into the folded lotus leaf details. The main colour scheme Tan, Cream, Grey and Black were inspired by the incredible red earth and colour palettes of its surroundings.

Design statement

The Pure Mirror collection was Inspired by nature, architecture, interior design and art. The mood board for the capsule collection depicts our design direction and gives insight into how we achieved the final garment designs to create unique forms, layers, details and a particular Pantone colour palette. 

Our lookbook photoshoot also inspired from the mood board to keep the same storytelling and consistency. Particularly the unique folded lantern sleeves used for some of the designs, the button selections reflected in the Pantone colour palette.

The Sustainability Challenge:

Fabric: Fabric selection for this capsule collection was carefully, environmentally considered. We only selected 3 types of fabrics for the entire collection to minimise the waste during production.  We considered fabric composition carefully in order to maximise the biodegradable process for the future, including our lining fabric, is used with 100% biodegradable cotton instead of polyester. We aim to produce long-lasting and timeless garments so the quality of the fabric had to be high-quality so sourced materials from Japan and Hangzhou. 

One Size: We deliberately chose to produce one standard size in each item as we aim to reinterpret and identify a new way of sustainable fashion. Fewer sizes means less production. For some detail designs, we introduced an adjustable elastic cord for the pants waist and skirt’s waist. 

Small Production: In order to avoid overproduction and throwing away of unused clothes and fabrics, we decided to go for a small production direction or pre-order method. In doing so, we can estimate how many pieces we are going to sell from one product and therefore produce what we sell. This does not only lead to higher resource efficiency and does prevent senseless raw material waste, but it also pays off literally in the end by creating less waste materials leads to less costs per produced garments, resulting in lower production costs per garment. 

Longevity and durability: Our Pure Mirror garments are trans-seasonal and built with love and to last. We aim to achieve an interesting design with high quality, design for use as well as for longevity. We don’t want to be a contributor to fast fashion, we conceive our products as something valuable and sustainable. 

Packaging: Each online purchase comes with natural raw linen dust bag with hand-pressed logo, and 100% compostable mailing bags. These dust bags can be re-used to minimise waste and plastic use.

We've always been avid readers of Australian Vogue at Fashion Boundary. This upcoming December issue is celebrating 60 Years of Australian Vogue. This collectors edition is a special one for us as Fashion Boundary had an opportunity to announce our new capsule collection, Pure Mirror.

We're so excited to be involved in this issue, even in a very small way as this publication has always been the epitome of style for many Australian women.

The Fashion Boundary capsule collection is an on-going project and we would love to collaborate with more brands and talented designers for future collections.

Shop the capsule wardrobe at Fashion Boundary.