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Simétrie is a local, all-natural leather goods label based in Brunswick, Melbourne, founded by Simone Agius. They balance the human desire for style with our impact on the earth, through education and by building community. Their mission is to empower individuals through the power of knowledge, craft and creativity. 


All Natural
Simétrie believes that the human need of self-expression shouldn’t cost the state of our planet the way it does today - pollution, overconsumption of resources and non-biodegradable landfill are some ways of the fashion industry is damaging our Earth.

Simétrie pieces are primarily made from natural or water-based materials, right down to the dyes and glues used to construct them. This means that they are not harmful to produce or use, nor do they present any dangers to the Earth’s soil or waterways.

Kangaroo Leather
The leather used to produce Simétrie bags are vegetable-tanned kangaroo which is a natural, low-emission leather that is harvested from necessary wildlife management, as opposed to farm-bred animals. Kangaroo leather is a strong yet lightweight material and is considered to be one of the most eco-friendliest leathers available.  

Portuguese Cork & Recycled Hemp
Simétrie uses an internal reinforcement (hidden between the leather and lining layers) with Portuguese cork, which is sustainably harvested and all-natural. Each bag is lined, either with kangaroo leather or a recycled hemp and organic cotton. The brand has recently introduced a printed style that is on a 100% hemp fabric base. Hemp is a superior fibre as it grows without pesticides and takes much less water to grow than cotton and other natural fibres.

Simétrie offers monthly bag-making workshops at their Brunswick studio with the aim to educate and empower all people who desire to learn new creative skills. The classes are 4 hours x 3 days, as this is how long it takes to make one of their beautiful leather bags. Not only does this aim to teach people new creative skills, but new knowledge about the value of the labour that goes into making all of their handcrafted pieces. 

Fair Pay
Simétrie believes one of the greatest exploitations of the fashion industry is the low cost we expect as customers to pay for finished products, which ultimately results in a low living wage for the workers who created them.

Simétrie goods are designed with a balance of efficiency and unique style so that we can afford to pay a fair price to their workers whilst still being able to deliver stylish goods that will hold their value.

Shop the curated Simétrie collection at Fashion Boundary. 

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