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Sidikai Brand Story

Est. 2017

Sidikai was established in 2017, created by sisters, Carlota and Mariana Gramunt. They are driven by design, innovation and hardcore sustainability; in order to reduce environmental impact, foster social empowerment and reclaim fashion’s role as an agent of positive change.

Sidikai is born from the belief that it is everyone’s duty to build a better world with the resources we are given. They are a fully-responsible, ready-to-wear brand and aim to innovate with environmentally-friendly techniques to empower their consumer to shop better.

Using high-quality sustainable textiles as well as cutting-edge new fabrics, each piece is crafted by seasoned local workshops. All pieces are made-to-order to reduce stock and ensure quality. At least one piece of every collection is made in collaboration with a social program. Quality ensures longevity. Sidikai provides care information and the option to recycle or modify your garment to give it a ‘second life’.

The people behind Sidikai believe creation for the sake of it is not enough anymore. The brand approaches the creative process as a form of personal expression equally bound to a purpose. Design at the service of problem solving or conversation generation.

Fixed Air Collection
Fashion Boundary recently added a range of Sidikai scarves to the women’s accessories category. This scarf collection is called “Fixed Air”. Fixed Air started as a challenge; To generate through design and aesthetics the maximum positive impact with the minimum amount of resources. This challenge translated into a work process in which by applying sustainable design principles throughout the whole production chain (product, packaging, manufacturing and distribution), were able to create beautiful pieces with the highest positive impact possible.

Each scarf also tells a story, through imagery and shape, each piece is of the viewpoint looking up to the sky of a particular city, such as the skyscrapers of New York City and the iconic City Hall in Toronto. Whilst being visually beautiful, this collection also proves to be zero waste, cruelty-free, non-toxic, ethically made and carbon neutral. 

These scarves each adhere to the list below.

  • 100% cruelty-free silk (Peace Silk)
  • 100% toxic-free dyes.
  • 0% pre-consumer waste. No fabric is wasted throughout manufacturing.
  • 0% post-consumer waste. Scarf is recyclable/biodegradable. No tags or additional elements.
  • Care and recycling info can be found at
  • Certified resource-responsible, ethical and locally empowering manufacturing partner. (India)

Hard-Core Sustainable Packaging

  • 0% pre-consumer waste origami envelope. No cuts or stickers needed.
  • 0% post-consumer waste. All materials are recyclable.
  • Stone Paper for envelope and tag: Calcium carbonate stone dust based, no water, no trees, no chemicals, CO2 emissions 67% lower, energy usage 85% lower.
  • Tissue paper from recycled cellulose.
  • On-packaging detailed product information for the consumer to know how to use, take care and recycle every element.

Hard-Core Sustainable Distribution:

  • Carbon Neutral Distribution: All shipping emissions from manufacturing and ecommerce are offset through our partners FactorCO2.

Sidikai has also been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury for a company-wide commitment to sustainability.

Shop the curated collection at Fashion Boundary. 

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