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Shopyte Brand Story

Shopyte is a fashion brand based in Spain and crafting elegant, classic clothing for women, who value quality, femininity, and sustainability.

The Shopyte brand consists of the finest quality materials, natural and minimalistic taste. Shopyte believes that less is more and so the brand does not follow short-term trends. Each of these elements is important and carries the idea of sustainability. 

Sustainable designs

Shopyte items are classy and modern, that are Transeasonal and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

By designing high-quality, versatile garments, Shopyte wishes that women would feel the need to think quality over quantity. All this is expressed through a luxurious natural fibre that the brand uses in their designs to be worn by women of all ages.


Shopyte garments are made from natural materials such as silk and wool. Silk is a universal fabric that can be worn at any time of the year because of its great property to adjust a person’s body. This may occur due to the fact that silk is a protein fibre, so is chemically quite similar to human skin. The 100% silk garments are a perfect choice for women who have sensitive skin. 

The wool used by Shopyte is processed in a way that is lightweight yet warm. For those who appreciate comfort over everything else – those pieces crafted from stretchy wool will do the trick.

Throughout years, Shopyte entered into relationships with suppliers from Italy and the United Kingdom. These relationships share the same view regarding ethics, work politics and, more importantly, production of the fabric. 

One of the things that are very important to Shopyte is the quality of the material. Shopyte suppliers use the latest technologies that assure fabric is of the best quality and is durable. The fabrics that Shopyte uses are permeable and do not cause any discomfort. 

Ethical movement

Shopyte are now joining a non-profit organisation OneTreePlanted that focuses on global reforestation.

People will not only be able to buy a sustainable product but will also contribute to tree planting all over the world. Each purchased garment equals one tree planted.

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