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Opizari is a cloisonné enamel jewelry studio based in Tbilisi. Opizari were established in 2018 as a small studio, focusing solely on exclusive pieces. They use materials of superior quality from the most reputable manufacturers across the globe guaranteeing excellent quality of each piece available for purchase.

With an earnest dedication to the rich traditions of the enamel art, Opizari recognizes that cloisonné enamel jewelry represents centuries of experience and unique mastery honed by the committed artisans. Combining vital skills spanning from a rich heritage with a team of experienced enamel masters, the Opizari team have achieved the highest levels of perfection, highlighting the finesse of this rare art form. Profound craftsmanship is essential to Opizari. 

Intricate craftsmanship and individuality turn Opizari jewellery into outstanding works of art.

Fashion Boundary currently stock two of their signature styles in two different colourways. Their Silver Rings with coloured enamel detailing and their Silver Cuff Bracelets with coloured enamel detailing.

The large size of the silver rings makes them a bold, statement piece that we would love to wear by itself, without any additional jewellery. The pop of colour really shines through and we love how simple it is to style. Check out the Silver Ring With White Enamel and the Silver Ring With Rose & Beige Enamel.

The silver cuff bracelets are decorated with a circular enamel shape pressed into a silver face. We love the boldness of this piece whilst how simple it has been designed and easy it is to wear. Great for the cherry-on-top piece to finalise your look. The Silver Bracelet With White Enamel is great for a neutral piece and the Silver Bracelet With Dark Blue Enamel is perfect for a pop of colour.
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