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Modapolka is an independent fashion label founded by Polish designer, Pola Stępień in 2010. The Modapolka customer believes in purchasing items for the long term and investing in pieces that are high quality and are well designed. Before establishing Modapolka, Stępień co-founded design studio, WUNDERTEAM where she specialised in interior design, art exhibition arrangement and curation.

Ergonomic clothing design

Artistic and cultured individuals will appreciate the carefully designed Modapolka garments crafted from linen and cotton materials. Stępień produces her designs from only the best materials crafted by specialised professionals. When designing clothes, Stępień is guided by the principle of ergonomics, she’s interested in the transdisciplinary merging of fashion, art and design. Stępień explores the ergonomic and functional possibilities of construction technology for garments. Comfort and agility is of top importance during the design, production and creation of Modapolka pieces.

Sustainable Design
Sustainable design and production is really important to Stępień. Rather than focusing on fast fashion and trends like many of her peers, Stępień aims to create items in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects. The fabrics and dyes used for her most recent collection, Tulip is 100% natural and biodegradable.

Tulip Collection
Stępień’s most recent collection, Tulip is largely drawn from the inevitable change of seasons, the developments in nature and the beauty and life cycle of flora. Stępień strives to create items that are durable, sustainable and easy to recycle. This collection is designed to be trans-seasonal using natural materials such as linen which is breathable, perfect for layering and also - durable. Through this collection, she emphasises the idea of the cycle of life and the importance of giving your clothing items another life.

Stępień states ‘I would like this collection to evoke the longing for the touch of the first rays of sunshine, for the smell of warm soil and flowers coming to bud…’. These sensations are reflected in the elaborate, sensual style of the designs based on the shape of flowers and made with an attention to detail, as well as the natural, refined fabrics in flowery pastel hues and earthy tones. Stępień dedicates this collection to women who expect something more from their clothes other than just great style.

“The way you dress can be a method for transforming everyday life into a tale about the power of your personality” - Pola Stępień

Use of Linen
Linen is largely used in Modapolka’s Tulip collection. Linen flax cultivation is far more sustainable than cotton. Flax plant is very resilient and requires very little water. When cultivating flax plant it is likely that every single part of the flax plant is being used for a multitude of products ranging from linen clothing to varnishes. Linen is also recyclable and biodegradable.

View Pola Stępień’s Tulip collection featured on Fashion Boundary here.

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