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Mädi is an independent bag and accessories label established in Switzerland by designer, Jennifer Berger. "Mädi" is a Bernese expression for "mädchen", which translates to young girl in Swiss. With a nod to her Bernese origins, the designer chose the name to celebrate the young girl in every woman who allows her to keep a fresh and optimistic look at the world. 

Mädi is inspired by the traditional Swiss cut-out paper art, commonly depicting the imagery of country life. By choosing new symbols, Mädi refers to the modern Swiss industry: watchmaking and pharmaceuticals. Which both subtly feature throughout her collection.

About the designer

After training as a jeweller at the School of Arts in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Jennifer Berger worked for several years as a watch and jewellery designer for various fashion brands. In 2013, she decided to expand her profile by starting a Bachelor's degree in Jewellery Design and Accessories at HEAD – Geneva. Mädi is the result of the union of her first love, jewellery and leather goods. Her first collection of handbags was unveiled at the occasion of her diploma work.


From a very young age, Jennifer has been dazzled by the Swiss landscapes where nature blends with urban decors. She now pays tribute to her heritage through a line of exclusive and top-of-the-line products. 


Bringing together new technologies and artisanal work, Mädi was established in the birthplace of the Swiss watch industry. The production mostly takes place in Switzerland, while the final assembly of the pieces is done in Portugal. Textile and watchmaking have always been at the forefront of Swiss expertise. Though a close collaboration with various cutting-edge Swiss industries, Mädi benefits from the traditional local craftsmanship and aspires to promote it. The different pieces of leather are not sown but pieced together by rivets and studs. The clasps and buckles design is unique and authentic, thus setting Mädi apart from the market’s standards.

The leather selection takes place in Italy and the product manufacturing is partially entrusted to craftsmen and women in Portugal, thus benefiting from the historical expertise in leather goods production of these two countries. The meticulous conception of each product and the selection of outstanding raw material guarantees the excellent quality of each item.

The collection 

The signature collection created by Berger, consists of three handbag models, two key rings and a wallet, all available in two colours, black and a powder pink especially developed for Mädi. Matte leather gives a modern touch to the products offered by Mädi. The collection is comprised of different sized bags and clutches to meet the different needs of a modern, stylish, active woman. These designs do not include any seams, the leather parts are assembled and held together with gold rivets. The thickness of the matte leather alludes to the appearance to old Swiss military bags which has been a big influence through the designs featured in this collection.

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