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J&R Artisan Fashion

J&R Artisan Fashion

J&R Artisan Fashion is a Florence based designer brand who specialise in men and women’s luxury streetwear. J&R aims to change the way people perceive modern day fashion labels - they’re passionately ethical and sustainable and their fashion pieces are constructed with the spirit of celebrated European & American artists and designers. Each fashion piece is crafted with futurism, minimalism and a will to be special and unique.

J&R Artisan Fashion is internationally recognised. Each purchase from J&R becomes part of an environmental & humanitarian movement. All of their fashion pieces come with a unique story. A story which encompasses their own fashion philosophy: Carefully thought out designs that bring with them unseen ideals and progressive expressions of modern luxury streetwear.

Their handmade fashion pieces stand out internationally with celebrated artistic collaborations along with conventional minimalism. Featured on Fashion Boundary is a selection of J&R’s "GRAFFITI'' shoes which sets out to alter designer footwear perceptions. Also included is their "008" gender-fluid line. These unique fashion ideals come together to create the modern luxury streetwear brand.

NGO Involvement x Luxury Ethical Fashion

J&R brand's ethos revolves around the concept that each luxury purchase made changes the life of someone else. They provide 6% of all sales to our network of Non-Governmental Organisations. These include but are not limited to the United Nations, MSF (doctors without borders) and smaller organisations based upon what is needed in the current environment. One of the proudest achievements J&R have been able to make in collaboration with their customers is providing relief to the children of Yemen during the COVID-19 crises that came during a wave of famine, destruction and war. With the use of their own blog, J&R are able to let customers know what crisis or emergency they are responding to at any given time.

J&R artisan streetwear pieces are not just made with handmade luxury materials, but with 4 different environmental and humanitarian certifications. Their leather, cotton and polyester are ethically sourced with happy workers in a "slow-fashion environment." In 2020 - forward fashion is conscious fashion.

Check out the selected pieces from J&R Artisan Fashion on Fashion Boundary here.

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