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Almond Rocks

Almond Rocks

Founded in 2010, Almond Rocks was built upon the unique artistic design and ideals of Kyle Zhang (SKA). Zhang's background as a street artist and stenciler whilst studying in the UK deepened his ambition to create a line of designer socks. His attention to detail has always played a part in SKA's work, his attention turned to socks as they’re a subtle, everyday piece of clothing that every person wears. Almond Rocks intends to invigorate those whose love for the finer details in fashion.

The brand slogan is ‘Be smart, wear Almond Rocks’, as Almond Rocks suggests ‘Smart’ meaning, looking fashionable and being clever.

The brand name ‘Almond Rocks’ is derived from Cockney slang, meaning ‘socks’. In 2010, SKA was studying in the UK and he found that unique sock designs had started to become popular. Inspired, SKA began to design his own line of bold, colourful socks.

With a slow start to his business, SKA decided to launch an online marketing campaign ‘Travel with Almond Rocks’. People from around the work could receive a free pair of socks if they provided an address to send them to. The conditions were that these people had to share a photo of themselves wearing these socks upon receiving. In doing so, SKA grew his social audience fast.

Almond Rocks socks are highly elastic and comfortable. The advantage of using combed cotton is that it is more durable than pure cotton, they are less likely to pill and are less prone to shrinkage.

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