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Blancore is an independent designer brand established in New York in 2017. The brand name evolved from the juxtaposition of the French word 'Blanc' meaning ‘white’ and the English word 'Hardcore', conveying Blancore’s essential ideology of 'the core of purity, the essence of design'.

Specialising in minimal design contrasted against an element of surprise, Blancore design’s feature bold colours, asymmetric layers and usually involves an oversized feature. Blancore strives to explore the boundary of fashion and reality; interesting, surprising, yet wearable designs.

Founder, Ariel Li graduated from Ohio State University with a diploma in business. For over twenty years, her family proudly owns one of the biggest clothing factories in Chengdu/South-West China with top technicians in the Chinese clothing industry. Both Li and fashion designers pay great attention to the production and details of each piece in order to meet the highest standards in quality and design.

 A ‘Blancore’ girl is independent, appreciates beauty and design and is free willing. She expresses herself through her clothing and loves to wear quality, well designed, interesting pieces.

Blancore's customer persona is focused on independent women between 20 to 30 years old: 

  • She is blooming, in pursuit of purity and freedom
  • She remains conspicuous decency, in fond of delicacy and minimalism
  • She is concerned about spiritual expression, in indisposition of hiding real emotions
  • She might be busy studying, or working
  • She is a nonconformist, in possession of her own fashion judgement
  • She explores beauty, in seeking of ingenuity of every exquisiteness
  • She is in want of liberty, a reluctance of being restrained by rules
  • She might come from anywhere


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