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Behind The Scenes

‘Fashion Boundary Capsule Collection: Pure Mirror’ is the first collection of our in-house label, ‘Fashion Boundary Label’. This collection was co-designed and developed by Fashion Boundary and Thou Art founder and design director, Jianyu.

Pure Mirror advocates a small production, inclusive sizing, natural fibres, recycled materials and packaging. The mission of this project was to achieve stylish, sustainable, long-lasting and affordable garments for women of all sizes to have in their wardrobe for years.

With this collection, it brought along many challenges. One of which was producing the lookbook, marketing images and campaign photographs. The Fashion Boundary team had a clear understanding of what the Pure Mirror photoshoot wanted to achieve and how it would be made possible.

The concept

The concept of Pure Mirror was largely inspired by the original earthy colour palette of Uluru, the large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia. The main colour scheme of this collection features Tan, Cream, Grey and Black, all of which act neutrally within the environment and in the customer’s wardrobe.

It was important for the Fashion Boundary team to have a clear concept of what the campaign lookbook was representing and how the location, colours and props were able to compliment the clothing pieces. These factors were carefully considered to tell the story of the background and inspiration behind the collection

The location

The photoshoot location was decided based on the colouring of the walls and the simple, warm, natural feeling of the interior design. The team loved the handpainted feel of the dusty rose walls and the consistent colour throughout the flooring and stairs. 

This space is not a boring white, square room. We loved the interior structure of the space, the beam, the bath steps, the staircase, the solid handrail and customised bench could give us more variety of interesting shooting backgrounds. Not to mention, the entire consistent colour scheme of the space perfectly matches our concept.


As seen in many of the final campaign looks, the model carries a natural element, whether it be a plant or a stone vase. This had the aim of tying together the clothing garments with the surroundings as well as acting as a nod to the natural sandstone rock formation that the collection was inspired by.

Photoshooting team

Fashion Boundary teamed up with SYStudio to produce the imagery for the Pure Mirror lookbook. The SYStudio team was professional and nailed the brief in developing the perfect images that captured the essence of what the Fashion Boundary team were after. SYStudio was chosen based on their incredible previous works featured in Vogue and Elle Magazine. They are a top tier fashion photography studio and creative director Jianyu of Thou Art has previously collaborated with them for campaign photos. They’ve built a relationship based on trust. Through SYStudio’s work, you can see that they’re not afraid to try something new and have fun with the project.

Overall there were twelve people who worked on the photoshoot including the photographer, creative director, make-up artist, model, stylist and assistants.

The final outcome of the photoshoot was a beautiful array of images that represent the Pure Mirror items in all their glory as well as the story behind the collection. Through the photography by SYStudio, the tonal location and the use of props, the look book subtly portrays the inspiration behind the capsule collection.

Fashion Boundary would like to thank everyone that worked behind the scenes on this special photo shoot which was a milestone for the brand as it officially launched the Fashion Boundary Label.