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Aurai Swimwear

Aurai Swimwear

Aurai Swimwear is an eco & ethical swimwear brand based in New Zealand created by Natalia Bertolo. The brand advocates for transparency in the supply chain, the use of clean technologies for better products, fair wages, and corporate social responsibility. 

Aurai Swimwear is handmade by women in a family-run atelier in Natalia’s hometown in southern Brazil, using only recycled and biodegradable materials, water-free printing techniques, and nickel and chrome-free trims.

About Natalia

Natalia was born in southern Brazil, where she graduated from University and started her career. She moved to Milan, where she pursued a Master’s Degree in Fashion Management at IED and worked in the buying office of La Rinascente. Currently, she lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand.

Inspired by her eco-design studies and the slow fashion movement, Natalia’s design philosophy includes a commitment to produce high-quality swimwear for a desirable and durable summer wardrobe. In 2011, Natalia won the Fashion Category of the International Talentos Design Competition, organised by the Fundación Banco Santander (Madrid, Spain), which aims to encourage the creation of sustainable projects and raise awareness among students in the Ibero-American community about the potential synergies between sustainability, creativity and technology. More than 5,200 students took part in the 2011 edition.

The name
In Greek mythology, the Aurai is the winged nymphs of the breezes that travelled all over the world through the sea carrying messages for the Gods. Like the Greek Aurai, the brand believes they can also carry an important message. 

Brand Identity

Aurai collections aim to reflect the essence of a fun, healthy and conscious lifestyle, featuring high-quality materials, timeless silhouettes and colour palettes, exclusive prints and “surf safe” flattering Brazilian cut swimsuits for all body types. 

Eco - friendly fibres

Aurai started using ECONYL® from their SS17/18 collection, a revolutionary polyamide fibre made from 100% regenerated material, pre and post-consumer nylon waste such as nylon plastic scraps, old carpets and fishnets that litter our oceans. 

For their SS18/19 collection, they introduced AMNI SOUL ECO®, made from a polyamide with an improved formulation that accelerates biodegradation in the anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment, common in most landfills. Traditionally, a polyamide fibre takes decades to disintegrate. In tests, the yarn biodegraded by 50% in just over one year, and they estimate that after 28 months, AMNI SOUL ECO® will biodegrade 100%. As the clothes break down quicker, the impact on landfills is reduced. 

Quality & Versatility 

All Aurai garments are shaped to have a long life span, considering aesthetic aspects as well. Aurai pieces are fully lined (with biodegradable fabric) or doubled, to ensure durability. A mix & match concept allows plenty of combinations among the collection pieces as well as with the pieces women already have in their wardrobes. 

Almost all the Auraipieces feature functional design, such as reversible options and customisable ties. 

Shop the curated collection at Fashion Boundary. 

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