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The Airinum Urban Air Mask 2.0 was born from an idea from Airinum co-founder, Alexander had on a trip to India in 2014 When his long-gone asthma had started to come back, he realised he was becoming another victim of air pollution.

Alexander found that the best option to protect himself was an anti-pollution breathing mask. However, most of the masks on the market were very basic and far from perfect in their construction. Alexander discussed this problem with his old friend Fredrik. Living in Sweden, clean air was something they both took for granted. Realising that not everyone has access to clean and healthy air they decided to do something about it, and Airinum was born.

Poor air quality, according to the World Health Organization, is one of the world’s largest indirect health risks and more than 90% of the world’s population breathe harmful air. The brand seeks to create products that empower people to live healthy regardless of their surroundings as well as being a part of raising awareness about poor air quality and the climate crisis.

Airinum Urban Air Mask 2.0 

When we breathe poor quality air, it can severely damage our health, contributing to asthma, respiratory diseases, cancer, strokes and many more nasty diseases. The key to efficient protection for an air mask is the filter capability and the fit of the mask. The Airinum Urban Air Mask 2.0 is built around 3 foundations - protection, comfort, and design.

The key to protection is in the mask’s filter. When you breathe with the mask on, air passes through five important layers of protection before it reaches your lungs. Each layer has a different density in order to filter particles of different sizes. The multi-layer filter technology is tested at the RISE R&D centre in Sweden, one of the world’s most advanced filter laboratories, and consists of the following layers:

  • Outside PP Layer - Outside filter wrapping in a durable finish
  • Active Carbon Layer - Filters gases and reduces odour
  • 1st Electro Charged Layer - Filters larger PM10, pollen and other allergens
  • 2nd Electro Charged Layer - Filters smaller PM2.5, dust and bacteria
  • Inside PP Layer - Inside filter with ultra-smooth and skin-friendly finish

The filter is replaceable and lasts for about 100 hours. 

To further improve the fit of the mask and stop air from sneaking in around the edges, each filter is equipped with a 3D memory nose-foam and an adjustable nose clip that gives the mask minimal air leakage, regardless of one's face shape.

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